Needle Felted Adipose (Doctor Who) Fat Baby




Introduction: Needle Felted Adipose (Doctor Who) Fat Baby

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This cute needle felted adipose (fat baby) is easy and simple to felt

Step 1: Materials

Felting wool (white or cream and black colors)

Felting needle


Sponge mat

Step 2: Making the Body

Wrap the wool in yarn
Start placing white wool on the shape and poking it with the needle until completely covered and firm
Take a piece of wool and roll it up
Start poking the piece until firm
Make two
Place on the sides on the body and felt until secure
Get another piece of wool and form into a circle
Cut the piece of wool in half
Place on the bottom of the body and felt
Those are the feet
If you want you can make a few snips on the feet to make toes

Step 3: Making the Face

Get a little black wool and roll around your finger
Make two balls for the eyes
Place on the face and poke until secure
The eyes must be apart
Take a little black wool and roll into a very thin strip
Place on the face and form a smile with the needle
Snip the excess wool off

Step 4: Results


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    7 years ago

    very cute!
    But you forgot the single tooth. LOL


    4 years ago

    EEEEEE! SO CUTE! We have a POP figure Adipose and my baby sis calls it her "Babysh".