Introduction: Needle Felted Bat

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I recently just purchased a kit which included some needle felting felt and instructions on the basics of needle felting. I immediately fell in love with this art form! So I've decided to make an orange bat. Yes an orange bat because the kit included odd colors that can't really be used for anything (there were no blues or reds or greens...). But at least orange is a Halloween color!

Step 1: Stuff Needed

You are going to need two different colors of felt specifically for needle felting. Use any colors you want and just go wild!

You will also need to find a needle for needle felting and a sturdy environment.

Step 2: The Head

Take a chunk of your felt and roll it into a ball. Poke the ball, making sure to roll it around so you poke everywhere. When it feels firm you can stop.

Step 3: Snout

Pinch your felt and pull out a small piece for the snout. Poke that section until it's firm.

Step 4: Ears!

Take two small chunks of the same size and roll them so they kind of look like an oval. Poke these until they are firm.

Then, press it against the back of the head and poke this until it stays attached.

Repeat this step for the second ear.

Step 5: Nose

To create his cute little bat nose, take a miniature strip of your other color and form it into an upside down V. Poke this onto the front of the muzzle.

Step 6: Eyes

Take two VERY small pieces of your other color and roll them into spheres. Poke these into the head right near the snout.

Step 7: Body Building

Get a hold of a rather large chunk of your first color of felt. Roll this into a 3-D teardrop shape if that makes any sense. Poke this to the bottom of the head.

Step 8: I Believe I Can Fly

Create a shape similar to an upside down sail boat. Poke the wings onto the back.

Step 9: Arms

Create little nubs out of the felt, by rolling out little hot dogs from it. Make two of them. Attach an arm to each side of the bat, right above the wings.

Step 10: COMPLETE!

Enjoy your adorable new pet bat!

Idea: Glue a string to the back and hang it up on the ceiling!

I hope you've enjoyed my Instructable!

Comment questions, critiques, what you thought, what you liked, or suggestions for future "ibles". (Just comment anything relevant to Instructables.)

Hope I could help!

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