Needle Felted Pendants




Introduction: Needle Felted Pendants

This is a fun way to use of some scrap wool and practice needle felting techniques. In the pendants shown I used different types of carded wool, silk, glitz (angelina fiber), wool locks I dyed myself,



Felting needles (I previously bought all my felting needles from Purple Moose Felting, sadly they are closing as soon as they sell off their remaining inventory.)

Felting pad

Glue (tacky glue or E6000 are good choices for gluing felt, the E6000 is probably better for gluing felt to metal)

Pendant trays

Jewelry findings (jump rings, bails, etc.)

Embellishments (beads, rhinestones, sequins, etc.)

Fine needle and thread

Scissors, jewelry making tools

Step 1: Felt Base Shape

I start with felting a background/base shape for my pendant. I try to make the backing a solid layer before adding on thinner layers and embellishments.

I used two different types of felting needle, first a 36g triangle needle to get the basic shape. Then I switched to a 36g spiral needle to continue working things together and cover up any holes made by the first needle.

Every 10 pokes or so I lift the piece up so that it doesn't become attached to the pad.

I jab the piece all around multiple times until all the fibers are in place and the edges are smooth. I'll also compare it to the pendant piece I'm using to make sure the size is right. If the size is too big, I can trim it later.

I do not recommend felting inside the pendant because you could damage your needle, at the very least you'll dull it quicker.

Step 2: Designs & Embellishment

Once the back piece is solid, I use finer needles (star, spiral) to add on designs.

You can also sew beads and sequins on using invisible thread. The thread will be covered when the piece is glued into the pendant.

Step 3: Glue

Inside the pendant piece I rub E6000 all around the back and the sides so the wool will stay in place.

Let the piece cure for a couple hours and then it should be good to go.

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