Introduction: Needle Felting With Balls of Yarn

When I got my first needle felting kit I really enjoyed it, but once I finished it I didn't really have the space or the money to buy supplies for a whole new craft and nowhere close to me was selling the stuff anyway. I did however already have an embarrassingly large stash of yarn that I use for crochet and knitting and I thought, hey wool is wool right? Maybe there's a way to use the stuff I already have? Turns out there is and that's what I'm going to show you in this Instructable.

Why use yarn instead of real roving?

- Easier to find.

- Can be cheaper

- More variety

- You might already have a tonne of it.

- Acrylic and plant based yarn works too, so its good for wool allergies.

- Perfect for small bits of wool left over from bigger projects.

The instructions for the bee are here too, but hes not the main focus; hes just cute.

Step 1: Supplies to Make Poor Mans Roving

You'll need:

-Yarn. Any colour, pretty much any type. Cheaper the better. Don't waste golden alpaca fleece on this.

- A wire slicker brush. These can be found in the pet section of most shops. One with a button to press trapped fur out is ideal.

- Cardboard. 20-30cm tall is a good guide but any size will do.

- Scissors

Step 2: Wrap and Cut

Ok so you have your supplies, now wrap the yarn around the length of the cardboard until you have the amount you want. Then hold one side and cut the other. Easy right? Now time to brush it!

Step 3: Time to Brush!

Now if you have ever had to brush long hair you will already know what to do. Firmly hold one end of the yarn bundle with one hand and use the slicker brush to work out the tangles. Work from the bottom and move up as the yarn turns fluffy. Just like with human hair remember to not tug too hard or pieces will get pulled free from where they are supposed to be.

When you get to the point where the only part that isn't brushed out is the part you are holding, switch ends and brush out the last bit.

Your brush will get filled with the fluffy poor mans roving too. Just push the button and put it in a pile. Don't worry about the occasional squiggly noodle piece that doesn't fully brush out, they felt in just fine.

Step 4: And Just Like That You're Done!

You now have some stuff to needle felt with. Just like that. It looks and works much the same as the store bought stuff.

Now if you are looking for ideas on what to make with your new fake roving I've included a PDF on how to make the bee. Hes basically just a little ball and even when he turns out wonky hes still very cute, so hes the perfect critter for beginners.

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