Neje DK 8 Laser Engraver on Windows 8 - 10

Introduction: Neje DK 8 Laser Engraver on Windows 8 - 10

I received my Neje DK 8 Laser engraving machine (my machine has a USB > Serial cable direct connected).

In all communication they say that you need Window 7 to run this thing. I am on Windows 10 and tried to load the necessary PL2303_Prolific drives, even new ones from the internet without any luck.

When I looked at the backside I noticed that they use a Arduino Mini, direct connected to the USB > serial cable.

Step 1: Using a FTDI Interface

On my other Arduino projects I use a FTDI interface which you can buy for around 2$ on the Chines web-stores.

There come in different layout but in basic they all the same (USB > TTL), take the 5 volt version.

Now remove the cable from the Machine Arduino board.

Step 2: Connect the FTDI Interface to the Machine Arduino Board

Now connect the FTDI interface board to the machine Arduino board.

Please note the Layout of the machine Arduino board (picture) and connect it to the FTDI interface;

Machine > FTDI


Vcc > Vcc

Rx > Tx

Tx > Rx

Now connect the interface to your computer and select the right Com port.

Mount the FTDI interface with double sided tape or by your own solution.

Happy Engraving

Step 3: The Software I Use

I use the "Mini Larser" software, latest from their website or supplied with the machine.

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    4 years ago

    Sounds good, but I can't make out the configuration based on your photos.


    7 years ago

    I have just learned by sad experience that you do not want to buy
    this or anything from GREARBEST. I bought one of these and it burned
    once and stopped. After quite the struggle of getting them to
    understand that the laser does not work (them asking the exact same
    question every time- can't they read prior communications?) they finally
    told me I can return it for refund where the cost would be about the
    same as if I bought this again.

    This has great potential, but you need to find a reliable source before you embark on this project.

    DIY Hacks and How Tos

    Great tutorial. Thanks for sharing. I have so many projects that I want an engraver for.