Introduction: Nemo Automata

In this project you will make a automata replica of Nemo. It’s a very simple and fun project. If you don’t know what you’re doing it might take a little while.But in the end you will have had fun and made something you are proud of. To start off you will need a few supplies.

Two cardboard boxes 2 straws Thick copper wire Wire cutter A pick And a hot glue gun Red,black and orange markers Foamboard

Step 1: Step 1:

Now we get started.The first thing you need to do is get one of your cardboard boxed and cut off the top flaps.You will use those later. Then you cut two holes in the middle of the sides of the boxes. Make sure that they are even.after you do that tape the two straws together.Then with the flaps make a circle( use the pick to put a hole off center in the cirlce).Put the straws half way into box then put the circle on next put the all the way into the holes you made in the box earlier.Now hot glue the circle onto the straw so it doesn’t move.

Step 2:

Step Two:

Now cut a side out of your other box and make a large rectangle.Then use the pick again to pop a hole in a spot that would line up to the circle (cam). Now use the a flap from the box to make a small rectangle to spin.Make a hole in the middle using the pick.Cut a piece of the copper wire to fit through the hole and the top of the box.Then make sure the small rectangle is touching the cam. Now add the large rectangle is at the top of the “lid” of your automata connected to the copper wire.

Step 3:

Now that you have that done let’s make Nemo. Get your foam board out and make an oval out the smaller/thinner end the foam board and cut the tail.By cutting a triangle at the bottom the at top cut another triangle. Now you are ending your project. Color your Nemo and glue him to the large rectangle. And you are done.