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Introduction: Neon Cup

About: Graphic Design student

I'm going to explain how to build a coaster with a sensor, that when you put a cup over it turns on a LED.

For this project you will need to follow the next steps.

Step 1: 3D Part

i used for the 3D Part> ( you can build online 3D object)

Build the coaster for the cup in a 3D file, and print it with a 3D printer.

I will upload the file, so you can download it and print it. Choose your favourite colour! and be sure it fits with your cup diameter size.

Step 2: 3D Modelling

Once your have the file, print it. Be sure it fits with your cup.

Step 3: Technical Part

Now it is time for the technical part. There you will need to solder the different parts and wires.

For this step you will need the next components:

2 (panasonic) battery

1 button

1 Coin Cell Battery Holder - 2xCR2032 (Enclosed)

1 led light

1 gemma

i solder all material step by step i cut 3 cable

first one goes to gemma 2. goes to GND +Uout+3. goes to d1 after that

step 2 >LED Wiring >

From GND goes to GND

from Vout goest to Power

from D1 goes to Data input

Step 4: Button Part

from Gemma >

GND goes to left foot of the button.

D0 goes to right foot of the button.

So when you put your glass it will press the button and turn the LED on.

Step 5: Programing

i used Arduino for the programming.

I will upload the file of arduino so you can customise it in the colour you want. Please check the instructions inside the code to follow the different steps.

Step 6: Final

So it has to end more or less like this. As you can see when the cup in over the lighting coaster the LED turns ON. I add a video with the demonstration of how it works.

Thanks for watching!

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    Question 3 years ago

    How did u do that?


    Tip 3 years ago

    I would make it a rainbow neon cup...


    That so cool! A neon cup...WOW. Love it! I wish i had that but i have a little question. How did u make that? What kind of pieces did u use for that neon cup? Thanks!