Introduction: Nerf Barrel Extension

This instructable covers how to make a cosmetic Nerf barrel extension that can slightly help with accuracy.

Many examples I found used the salvaged internal barrel from a Longshot or another Recon/Retaliator barrel extension.

While good looking they weren't particularly durable.

Other examples used brass which is heavier & more expensive, though they can help with range on an air plunger blaster.

Parts required.

Nerf Recon/Retaliator extension barrel.

12" of 3/4" PVC OR 1/2 "CPVC ( more or less length can be used according to taste . PVC yields a thicker barrel while CPVC yields a tighter one )

PVC or CPVC coupler ( optional )


Screwdrivers ( small Philips & flat )

Rotor tool ( Dremel )


Masking/Painters tape

Paint ( optional )

Step 1: Disassembly

Remove the 6 Philips head screws that hold the Recon/Retaliator barrel together.

Be sure to put them in a safe place. I've had to hunt for screws that have fallen on the carpet too many times to count.

Pull off the orange front end & open up the barrel.

Remove the sight , tactical rail locks & springs , the barrel position lock ( on the back ) along with it's spring & the locking ring from the back. Set these aside.

Remove the inner barrel as well.

Step 2: Preping the New Barrel

Take your piece of 12" 3/4"PVC/ 1/2"CPVC

Use your rotor tool to grind one end down until it's roughly the same size as the original barrel.

Use sandpaper to smooth it down to it's final size.

Repeatedly test fit into the end of a blaster as you work to make sure you get a proper fit.

Step 3:

Use your roto tool to expand the hole in the orange end piece.

Do this carefully. You want to get a precise fit.

Test fit often until the piece tightly fits on your new barrel.

Step 4: Fitting the Barrel

Now it's time to make the barrel fit the housing.

I've found it easiest to tape sandpaper around the barrel , or an extra piece of similar PVC, stick it through the housing and turn it to sand down the contacts.

If you have any spare parts that clip to the tactical rail you can use them to help hold the housing on one side for you.

Retain a little pressure as you turn the barrel to sand the housing internals down.

When the housing gets close to closing begin test fitting often.

You want the housing snug against your new barrel but still able to close completely.

Step 5: Finish

Paint your parts ( optional )

I've used black vinyl & fabric dye ( found at most automotive stores ) since it soaks in to the plastic & is more durable then surface paints.

Reassemble your extension barrel by reversing the steps replacing the original barrel with your new one & test fit. to your blaster.

A PVC coupler can be added as well ( optional )

With this type of extension barrel it's not hard to make a blaster resemble a M4 , M16 or most other tactical rifles.