Introduction: Nerf Battery Stock

During the building of my Demolisher project, i found that there just wasn't a good way to store the LiPo battery inside the blaster, so i decided to build a battery stock to house my Zippy 1300mah 2s LiPo battery.

Step 1: Items You Will Need:

Nerf Demolisher stock

Nerf Recon stock (not necessary for battery storage

4" section of 1.5" PVC pipe

a 1" pvc end cap

1 push nut (any size

1ft of 18awg wire x2

xt60 male and female connectors


soldering iron

heat shrink tubing

Duplicolor back vinyl and fabric dye

Krylon Fusion Metallic Copper paint

Step 2: Drill Holes and Run Wire

Select one side of the stock to run your wire. Drill 2 small holes, one into the missile basket area and one into the stock connector socket area. you will need to cut out a notch through some of the support structures in order to make a clear path for the wire to run through.

Step 3: Solder on the First XT60 Connector

Cut the wires in the rocket basket to a reasonable length and strip the ends. Feed a short length of heat shrink tubing onto each wire. Take the XT60 male connector that the battery will plug into and solder it on. Make sure you match the polarity correctly with the connector on the battery. Heat up the heat shrink tubing with a lighter or heat gun to shrink it.

Step 4: Add Protective Braid and Heat Shrink Tubing.

This step is optional, but protects the wire and makes it look nicer. Pull the wire back out of the front hole, feed the wire through the protective braided covering and secure both ends with a small piece of heat shrink tubing. Feed the wire back through the front hole and pull the slack through into the basket area.

Step 5: Install the Female Xt60 Connector

Just like on the other end, cut the wire to length inside the stock connector portion. strip the wires, place a small piece of heat shrink tubing on each wire and solder on the female xt60 connector. Heat up the heat shrink tubing to shrink it. This basically creates an xt60 extension cable from one end of the stock to the other.

Step 6: Disassemble the Recon Stock

Take the screws out of the recon stock and remove the rear pieces. Cut off the bottom of the gray post. Use a dremel or other cutting device, cut a few notches into the recon stock pieces so that it will fit onto the demolisher stock. You may need to tweak this a few times in order to get everything to line up properly.

I also tried using the middle pieces of the recon stock to dress up the front of the stock, but the glue didn't have much survace area to stick do and they kept falling off. Some of the images may show these pieces in place.

Step 7: Build the Fake Battery

I needed something to contain the LiPo battery and protect it. I decided to build a replica of a Duracel battery. i found that 1.5" PVC fits into the rocket basket pretty well.

Start with a 4" piece of 1.5" PVC pipe. You will need to grind out two places on the bottom side of it in order to clear the little grooves in the bottom of the rocket basket area. I also cut out a small notch on one side for the wire to fit through.

Step 8: Create the End Cap

Take your 1" PVC end cap and grind it down a little bit so that it can be tightly pressed inside the end of the 1.5" pipe. I used a bench grinder to do this, but a dremel sanding disk or a belt sander would work great tool Once you got it to fit in the end of the pipe, mark it off and cut off a piece about 1/4" thick and then press it into the end so it sits flush.

Step 9: Glue on the Push Nut

take your push nut and glue it onto the center of the end cap piece you just cut. This is strictly cosmetic so that it resembles the positibe end of an actual battery. I don't remember, i think i used hot glue to do this.

Step 10: Paint the Battery

I wanted this to look like a Duracell battery. Since it is so large, i call it the Duracell Double D :)

Pop the end cap out and paint it silver.

Paint the main body of the battery with black Duplicolor vinyl dye. this stuff is quite durable and will hold up the the sliding in and out of the stock.

Once the paint is all dry, tape off the bottom portion of the battery and paint the end with the Metallic copper paint. i did about 3 coats.

Wait for everything to dry and then press the silver end cap into the battery. You can glue this in place if you wish, mine was a very tight fit, so i didn't bother to glue it.

Step 11: Paint the Recon Stock Pieces

I wanted the stock to match my demolisher, so i painted it metallic purple. I will not go into great details here since this will vary depending on the paint scheme of your blaster. For mine, i used a black vinyl dye base coat, then silver vinyl dye, then Duplicolor metalcast purple, followed by clear protective coat on top.

I had originally added the middle section of the stock as a decorative piece on the sides, but the glue didn't hold and they kept falling off.

Step 12: Insert Your LiPo Battery and Assemble

I build this specifically to hold a Zippy 1300mah 2s lipo battery. It fits quite well, with just enough room for the wiring to slide up in there. Then just slide the battery down into the rocket basket.

Step 13: Install Male XT60 Connector in the Blaster

Install a male xt60 connector into the stock attachment point of your blaster. I will not get into great detail here since this will vary depending on the blaster. I used a 3d printed bezel when installing this in my demolisher. You can see how i accomplished this in my instructable for my demolisher build.

Step 14: Connect Your Battery Stock to Your Blaster

Plug in the xt60 connector from the stock into the blaster and connect the stock as usual.