Introduction: Nerf Dart Launcher for the FPV-Rover and FPV-Trike

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From the beginning of building the FPV-Rover, I wanted to have a Nerf Dart Launcher on it.

And finally, here it is. This is the fifth upgrade for the rover and it won't be the last.


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Links to the Trike



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Step 1: Parts to Print

I've printed all parts from PLA, as nothing is critical on this one. ABS, PETG and all other materials would be fine as well.

Go to thingiverse for the most current versions.

1x servo cover
1x battery cover (with or without cutout)
1x dart feeder
1x esc bracket

1x armoured conduit

2x dart launcher

1x base plate (FPV-Rover or FPV-Trike)

1x top plate

1x servo arm extension

1x nerf dart storage

1x top cover

1x 18650 battery pack (if you want to use 18650 batteries like I do)

Step 2: Parts You Need (BOM)

Here is the list with all necessary parts for the Nerf Dart Launcher

2x Motor (take one clockwise and one counter-clockwise)

2x ESC

1x 360degree servo

1x MG90 servo

100x Nerf Darts :-D

9x M3 x 6mm button head screw

4x M3 x 10mm socket cap screws

2x M3 x 6mm flat head screws

8x M3 x 6mm socket cap screws

4x M3 x 4mm flat head screws

1x M2 x 8mm socket cap screw

2x M3 x 16mm socket cap screws

2x M3 nuts

1x M2 nut

1x 3S or 4S Battery (Optional. You can power it with the battery from the rover)

I do power the launcher with a 3S 18650 battery pack. for this you'll need

3x 18650 Battery + 1x Protection Board

1x 2mm x 12mm rod

8x magnets 2mm x 12mm

Step 3: Mounting Parts to the Top Plate

To mount the parts together you'll need a screw driver and soldering station for the motors/esc.

Attach the 360degree servo, the two motors and the esc to the top plate.

Take care of the rotation of the motors. If they spin the wrong way, change two cables to the esc.

Step 4: Mounting Parts to the Bottom Plate

Attach the MG90 servo to the bottom plate using the screws came with. Take care of the right direction, otherwise the mechanism will not work. Don't attach the servo arm to the servo right now. Whait for the next steps.

Step 5: Servo Arm Extension and Nerf Dart Container

You need 8x 2mm x 12mm magnets to attach the top to the Nerf Dart container.

Beside the two screws, you'll need a 2mm x 12mm rod (or whatever with this dimension).

I used a carbon fiber rod I had from other builds.

Step 6: Dart Launcher and Armored Conduit

Attach the dart launcher to the motor. I used two motors with different directions, so that the screws won't come loose.

Step 7: Top Part and Bottom Part

Now it's time to attach the top part to the bottom part.

After doing this, you can screw the servo arm to the servo.

Step 8: Battery Pack

If you want to power your launcher with a battery pack of 16850 batteries, you have to print the battery adapter and solder the batteries to the protection board.

Step 9: Covers (servo and Battery)

Attach the covers for the servo and battery to the rest. Depending on what kind of battery you use, you can select between a cover with a cut out, or without.