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Introduction: Nerf Gun Holster

This is an easy way to make an awesome Nerf gun holster. It can be modified to fit any type of Nerf gun!

This easy project is practically free and really fun to make and use.

Step 1: Measure and Mark Your Gun's Dimensions

Lay out your gun on a large piece of cardboard.

  • Rectangle 1: Using a straightedge, mark a rectangle around the perimeter of your gun laid horizontally.
  • Rectangle 2: Rotate your gun onto its muzzle and trace another rectangle that is the same width as the first.
  • Rectangle 3: Finally, lay the gun on its other side and trace another rectangle around your gun. This should be exactly the same size as Rectangle 1.

Step 2: Add Sidewalls to Your Holster

After you have your three combined rectangles add sidewalls to your that are the same width as the length of Rectangle 2 as seen in the picture.

Step 3: Cut and Form Your Holster

Cut out your holster diagram.

Then tape it into the form of a box.

Step 4: Cut and Add Holes for Your Belt

Mark where you want your holes. Then cut them and insert your belt.

Step 5: Utilize

Put it on… and go battle your villains.

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    6 years ago

    Also, you could put string through a hole in the cardboard, put it through the gun, and tie a large paperclip on the end to keep it secured.

    Awesome upcycle! I love how it turned out, it looks like it works really well! Thanks for sharing!