Introduction: Nerf Gun Mod - Pop-Its Shooter

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Here's a Video to see this super easy yet awesome Nerf Mod In Action

Step 1: About This Nerf Mod

This Awesome Nerf Mod will allow you to shoot anything from the nerf gun that is lightweight & fits in the Barrel. My Favourite so far has been The Pop It's party snaps. (So much more fun than throwing them)

Other fun items include.

  • Food - Pea, Corn, seeds
  • Lollies - Skittles, tic tacs,

Check out This video to see it Shoot Skittles.

Warning- Do not shoot items at any living thing!

Note: You Need to remove the Barrel stem from the Nerf Gun.

There are many tutorials already showing this, so I won't cover this.

Putting foreign objects in the nerf Barrel might cause some of the debris to get into the seals and cause damage.

I recommend that you use an old nerf gun or a Cheap one for this Nerf MOD.

Step 2: The Nerf Dart

This Nerf Mod is super easy.

A Nerf dart is used as a pusher to fire your projectile.

You Need to cut the Nerf Dart and poke a hole in the tip.

Step 3: Connect the Fishing Line

Connect Some fishing line to the end of the Nerf Dart.

Then tie the other end to your Nerf Gun.

Note: You Need the fishing line long enough to allow the Nerf Dart tip to

reach the base of the barrel. (see next step)

If you don't have any fishing line you could use some string.

Step 4: Loading & Setting Up

Now Insert The Nerf Dart Tip and carefully use a stick to Ram the dart down the barrel.

The Gun Is now ready to be loaded with your ammunition of choice.


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