Introduction: Nerf Jolt Double Shot

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This Instructable shows how to double the shots a Nerf Jolt has, while not adding any extra barells,

Step 1: Gather These Tools and Materials

Knife or scissors, Nerf Jolt, two streamline or elite Nerf Darts, anything required in the Instuctables linked.

Step 2: AR Removal

Search 'Nerf Jolt Air Restrictor Removal' on Instuctables, and follow the instructions there.
[I would do it myself, but I only have one Jolt, and the AR is already gone.]

Step 3: Powerhouse

Search 'nerfrocketeer Nerf Jolt Mod' to follow steps of his rubber band power mod.

Step 4: Half the Man...

cut both darts in half; make sure it is exactly in half and the two darts are identical

Step 5: Loading

Push the first dart down the barrel, then push the other down so that the tip of the second dart is flush with the end of the barell.

Step 6: Firing & Usage

Cock the Jolt and fire. One dart should come out. Repeat the practice and the other dart should come out.

Please comment whether this worked for you