Introduction: Nerf Jolt EX-3 Mod (Holds 2 Extra Darts!)

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Needed stuff:
3 Rubberbands
Nerf jolt
Glue/epoxy(i chose glue because I wanted it to be removable)
Patience(for ar being taken out and for glue drying)

Step 1: Unscrew/ AR Removal

Unscrew the bottom 4 screws(pic 1)
Take out the plunger rod and then stick your pliers in there to try to get out the AR(pic 2/3)

Search nerf jolt AR removal if you want better instructions

Step 2: Dart Holder

Take a kforce dart holder and glue/epoxy all over bottom of it. Then stick it on jolt, Then, 1-2 hours later, step Done.

Step 3: Reassembly

Put the plunger rod and 4 screws back into the jolt.

Step 4: Rubber Band Mod

Search nerf jolt rubber and mod for instructions on this, but for now:
To do the rubber band mod, you need as many rubber bands as you want, and... obviously a jolt. Wrap a rubber band from the bottom orange piece sticking out to the top.

Step 5: Done!

GG u got tagged by a jolt m8
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Anyway, Congrats and doing My jolt mod!