Introduction: Nerf Jolt Mod

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This is a simple rubber band mod for the Nerf Jolt. All it takes are some rubber band skills.

I apologize for the messed up pictures. Those will be replaced soon, as I am editing all of my first Instructables to make them better. Edit posted April 28, 2014. Hold me to it!

Step 1: Materials

You will need

-Nerf Jolt (Elite or N-Strike)

-Rubber bands (#64 work best)

Step 2: Loop

Hook band on plunger, then twist it over, then hook it over.

Step 3: Hook

Hook band around top of gun.

Step 4: Check

Make sure the band is hooked over the black overhang.

Step 5: You're Done!!!

Range should be improved. Enjoy! You can do this for multiple bands, until it becomes too difficult to prime.

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