Introduction: How to Make a Nerf Jolt Shoot BB's

How To Turn A Nerf Jolt Into An Airsoft Gun

This is the finished product! (Still looks pretty much the same)

What You Will Need:

A Glue Gun (Or Any Strong Glues)

A Nerf Gun

A Nerf Bullet

Some Pliers

A Small Phillips Screwdriver

Step 1: Upgrading the Gun

Take out all the screws, making sure you dont lose them!

Step 2: Removing the Air Restrictor

When you have done taking the screws out the spring will come out.

After you have taken the spring out use the pliers and just move them around and try to get the air restrictor out (This may take a while so be patient)

Sorry There Was No Pictures I Had All Ready Taken It Out A Long Time Before This

After This Just Place The Spring Back In And Screw Up The Nerf Jolt

Step 3: Removing the Thing Inside the Barrel (Dont Know What Its Called)

Also Dont Have A Picture For This Step :(

You will need to take the pliers and twist and pull the thing inside the barrel until it comes out

This allows you to use any kind of bullet and is needed later on

Step 4: Taking Off the Top of the Dart

For This Step You Will Need To Take A Nerf Dart And Take Off The Top Of The Dart Without Cutting It Of As You Want To Keep As Much Of It As You Can

This just creates a tighter barrel that will contain the bb tightly.

Step 5: Making It Shoot the BB's

Put the dart into the tube, then apply glue around the top of the barrel (the only area of the barrel that you can see. Then put a BB in it and then it should work (Sometimes i find it works better than others.)

Step 6: Optional Features

You could shorten the length of the pull by cutting out a section of it then super gluing the area back together then sanding it so it looks neater. Then you could spray paint it to make it look cooler and then sanding of the logos and other things like that. And you could then add an extended barrel with pvc tubing and you could calve little features in it then spray paint it again. If you dont have BB pellets then you could put a flathead screw on the top of the dart and then use metal glue to seal it in, but make sure it is the right size and you use it outside, as it could break something

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