Introduction: Nerf Maverick 3d Printed Mods

Teaching an old dog old tricks - with more modern technology.

A modern version of the classic mods for the nerf maverick made popular by Dragonteuthis on nerfhaven. Including:

  1. Penny Mod
  2. Removal of dead space from plunger "straw" mod
  3. Removal of the AR and associated dead space, with an option to completely remove thedart post if you like

This can be a fun way to let children loose with 3d printing and Nerf modding without them messing up your Rapidstrike. This can also be a way for those with an old Maverick they remember fondly to give it some TLC (HvZ players, I'm looking at you).

This instructable assumes you have access to a 3d printer, all the parts are free downloads from thingiverse (see supplies section)

Get those files printed, and lets jump right in


  1. A Nerf Maverick
  2. The following 3d pritned parts:
    1. Plunger deadspace removal part
    2. 6x either:
      1. the AR replacement deaspace removal part
      2. the AR and dart post replacement deadspace removal part
  3. Penny mod part
  4. Optional - o-rings of approximately 12mm diameter 1-2mm thickness

Step 1: Penny Mod

  • Ignore the fact the pictured one has no hole in the centre, that was just a test piece
  • Disassemble the blaster and insert the "penny" behind the spring
  • When you put the blaster back together (either

Step 2: Plunger Deadspace Removal

  • Clean any extra plastic from the end which touches the print bed
  • Locate any o-rings (if you are going to use them) in the grooves
  • Slide the part into the Maverick plunger. It should fit reasonably tightly -even with no o-rings - if not a dab of hot glue / a shim may help things stay put.

Step 3: AR Deadspace Removal

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Remove the air restrictor (AR), and the orange dart post / cap piece, and replace them with a tall (without post) dead space removal part
  2. Remove only the the air restrictor (AR), and retain the dart post/cap (this requires the short "with post" part)

Procedure is as follows:

  • Take off the dart post / cap piece and remove the AR
  • Slide the dead-space removal part into the AR housing in the black barrel end (see picture)
  • Fit any optional o-ring
  • If you have used the tall part - you are done - reassemble the barrel

  • If you have used the short part - place the dart post / cap back over the AR housing