Introduction: Nerf Mega Centurion SuperTak Modifications

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The Nerf Mega Centurion, also known as the MA3700, is a new long-range Nerf blaster that was released in Fall 2013. With looks similar to a Barret M82A3 or Barret M83 sniper rifle, this blaster has a great intimidation factor in a Nerf war. But aside from looks, this toy leaves a lot to be desired.

The accuracy of the Nerf Centurion Mega Darts is very low, with vectors varying from 20 to 30 feet on the longest range shots. Furthermore, the blaster's single magazine is only capable of holding six Mega darts at a time, which makes reloads long, risky operations. The red color on the shell of the blaster makes it extremely visible to other players-which is not always the best thing. Also, the blaster is big and bulky, and is very difficult to carry around for lengthy amounts of time.

All of these problems render the blaster nearly useless in a Nerf war. However, members Hunter999 and Nerfrocketeer of the NK3AE have sought to change all of that through a series of rigorous SuperTak mods and tests.

Here following is a list of instructions on how to SuperTak modify your Nerf Centurion into a high class covert Nerf sniper rifle.

This Instructable covers:

-Camouflage and aesthetic mods
-Scope attachment
-Flashlight attachment
-Carry strap attachment
-Glow in the dark components
-Comfort grip
-Mega dart accuracy mod
-Mega dart holder
-Range tests
-Tips and tricks
-How to use the modified Centurion

Also, here is a video showing the Supertak Centurion in action. Note: special effects have been used!

Step 1: Materials

To Supertak mod your Centurion you will need the following items and supplies. Please note that many of these things are optional, and that you may choose what you want to add to your blaster.

You will need:

-A Nerf Mega Centurion
-Nerf Mega Darts
-Nerf Tactical Rail Attachment Mount
-Riflescope (real or airsoft)
-Carry Strap
-Camouflage supplies, such as artificial leaves, natural raffia, and twigs.
-Camouflage duct tape
-Black duct tape
-Scotch tape
-Electrical Tape
-Black Sugru
-Glow in the dark spray paint (Which can be obtained at crafts stores or on Amazon under the product name "Krylon Glowz"- we have no affiliation with these companies)
-Q-Tips (2-5 recommended)
-Hot glue
-Hot glue gun
-Screwdrivers for working with hot glue and dismantling the tactical rail mount.
-Hobby knife or switchblade for working with glue and tape.

Step 2: Base Camouflage

Adding camouflage duct tape to the blaster will ensure that everything done afterwards is completely removable, as well as enhancing the overall hiddenness of the blaster.

To add camouflage to the Centurion, first apply a layer of camo duct tape all around the shell of the blaster. This requires care and tact, since you do not want to cover parts such as the magazine release, magazine well, handle, trigger, sling points, tactical rails, end of the barrel, sights, bolts and bolt tracks, or stock and stock Nerf shields.

For best results, cut small pieces of tape as needed and apply them carefully to the place intended. The best place to start taping is along the bolt tracks and tactical rails.

Step 3: 3D Camo

3D camouflage enhances the secrecy of the blaster by making it become something like the environment around it.

To apply 3D camouflage, gather up all of your artificial leaves, raffia, and twigs and separate them into piles, respectively. For the first layer, hot glue all fake leaves onto the shell in various places, making sure not to inhibit the functions of the blaster components mentioned in the previous step. Next, hot glue strips of raffia and twigs where desired. Make sure everything is secure and stable.

Since you are gluing these things onto the camouflage tape, you are creating a completely removable yet doubly-effective camouflage cover for the Centurion.

Step 4: Scope Attachment

Adding a scope to the Centurion helps improve aim and adds an intimidation factor to the blaster's looks.

Using the screwdrivers, dismantle your tactical rail mount until you are left with the single plastic piece shown. Next, attach your scope to the mount using generous yet careful amounts of hot glue. You may or may not need to adjust the width of the jaws on the scope for a better fit.

When glueing on the scope, make sure it is facing in the correct direction, with the end where you put your eye opposite the small tooth on the front of the tactical rail attachment.

For an added camouflage appearance, hot glue two artificial leaves to the top of the tactical rail mount as shown.

Step 5: Tactical Flashlight

Adding a flashlight to even a blaster as big as the Centurion will ensure reliability even in low-lighted conditions.

To attach a flashlight to the front of the Centurion, neatly wrap the flashlight in electrical tape and hot glue it to the small rectangular plastic piece under the front of the barrel. Make sure that the flashlight is straight and secure. Next, wrap more electrical tape around the flashlight and barrel to tightly secure the bond.

Step 6: Carry Strap

Attaching a carry strap will make it much easier to transport and carry the Centurion.

Simply attach the ends of the strap to the sling points indicated above on the blaster.

Step 7: Comfort Grip

Adding Sugru to the handle of the Centurion will make the blaster much more comfortable and easier to hold for long periods of time.

Simply open the package of Sugru and mold it onto the handle both above and below the index finger grip points, keeping the separation clear for looks and comfort. Allow the Sugru to cure for 24 hours before picking up the blaster by the handle.

Step 8: Making Important Parts Glow

Making important parts of the blaster glow will increase functionality in low-light conditions.

Start by spraying a small amount of paint into the top of the can, and dipping a cue-tip into it (to use like a paintbrush). Next, apply paint to parts of the blaster such as:

-Front of barrel
-Front sight
-Rear sight
-Magazine release button
-Back bottom corner of magazine
-Back of flashlight

Allow the paint to dry for at least 12 hours before handling the blaster.

Step 9: Mega Dart Modification

Adding small tape fins to each dart will make the blaster much more accurate and increase range by a small amount, as the darts go in a straight line rather than in a curve.

To modify the Mega Darts, simply wrap a five inch long piece of Scotch tape around the top of the foam segment of the dart, every now and then folding up the tape to create very small "fins." Each dart should have three fins. Next, wrap another piece of tape around the lower portion of the dart as shown. Test the darts as you make them to ensure they work in the magazine and the blaster, both separately and together in the mag.

In the pictures, electrical tape has been substituted in place of Scotch tape for visibility.

Step 10: Range Tests

Both Hunter999 and Nerfrocketeer tested the ranges and accuracy of both the modified darts and some unmodified darts. Here following are our statistics:


Un-Modded Darts

(Hunter's Stats)

-1st Dart - 89ft
-2nd Dart - 84ft
-3rd Dart - 93ft
-4th Dart - 95ft (highest)
-5th Dart - 81ft (lowest)
-6th Dart - 83ft
Average = 87.5ft (88ft rounded)

(Nerfrock's Stats) (With slight 14 mph breeze down range)

-1st Dart - 86ft
-2nd Dart - 93ft
-3rd Dart - 88ft (lowest)
-4th Dart - 95 ft
-5th Dart - 97ft (highest)
-6th Dart - 94 ft
-Average = 92.17ft (92ft rounded)

Modded Darts

(Hunter's Stats)

-1st Dart - 90ft
-2nd Dart - 93ft
-3rd Dart - 88ft (lowest)
-4th Dart - 94ft
-5th Dart - 97ft (highest)
-6th Dart - 95ft
-Average = 92.83ft (93ft rounded)

(Nerfrock's Stats) (With slight 14 mph breeze down range)

-1st Dart - 96ft
-2nd Dart -95ft (lowest)
-3rd Dart - 98ft
-4th Dart -102ft
-5th Dart -97ft
-6th Dart -105ft (highest)
-Average - 98.83 (99ft rounded)

Along with a slight average increase in range, the darts are now much more accurate (up to around 40 feet instead of the original 15).

Step 11: Dart Holder

Making a dart holder will allow you to transport 10 extra darts with your blaster.

To simplify, box dimensions are 4.25" wide x 3.5" tall x 2" long.

1) To make one, start by measuring the width of five darts onto a piece of cardboard, and mark with a pen. Next, measure down the width of two darts, and mark. Repeat to get two five-dart segments, two 2-dart segments, and a slight overhang. Also mark out a bottom for the holder.

2) Cut out the holder as shown, being careful to follow all outlines. Fold the cardboard along the pen marks, and cut away any excess material. Tape the cardboard closed into a box shape.

3) Insert ten Mega darts into the holder to test the size. Then, cut out another piece of cardboard to be a divider between the two rows. Hot glue the divider in place.

4) Wrap the holder in black duct tape as shown. On the back of the holder, create a loop out of folded duct tape that is wide enough to fit the carry strap (step 6) through.

5) Add a piece of camouflage duct tape to make the dart holder match the gun and be hidden.

6) Disconnect one end of the carry strap from the blaster. Slide the dart holder onto the carry strap. Make sure it is facing the right direction! Reattach the carry strap to the blaster.

The dart holder is now complete!

Step 12: Adding Blaster I.D.

If you are not in the NK3AE please disregard this step. If you are in the NK3AE, please read the following. If you do not know what the NK3AE is, and would like some more info, please visit

It is important to place tags on your modified blasters to denote what they are, how they've been modified, and what things they can do.

If you have done all of the modifications so far listed in this Instructable, then your tag should look like this (For the SupeTak Centurion):

NK3AE:MA3700 MG 506
902-903-906 QE:AT
2013-4 F.2.4. NK S.T.


Following is a key denoting what each of these things mean. Please keep these as confidential as possible.

-NK3AE (NK 3rd Army and Elite Army)
-MA3700 (Mega Centurion)
-MG (Mega Gun)
-902 (Aesthetic Mod)
-903 (Attachment Mod)
-906 (Dart Mod)
-QE:AT (Quadrant Authorized)
-2013-4 (Modified During 2013 and 2014)
-F.2.4. (Mods Finished February 2, 2014)
-NK (Modified by Nerfrocketeer) Put your NK initials here instead.
-S.T. (SuperTak)

Make two of these tags, and tape one of them to the underside of the blaster between the trigger and the magazine release button. The second tag is hot glued and taped to the strap. Make sure both tags are covered completely with tape, to keep them water resistant.

Step 13: Using the Centurion


Loading the Centurion is easy. After firing, simply push the priming bolts forward and press the mag release button behind the magazine well to allow the clip to drop out. Then, slide in six Mega Nerf darts, each with the openings facing up and down (vertically), to maximize accuracy. Afterwards, insert the magazine back into the blaster.


To fire, pull one of the bolts on the side of the blaster all the way back, then slide it all the way forward again. This will chamber one Mega dart. Aim and pull trigger to fire.

Step 14: Tips and Tricks

The following tips and tricks will help you up your game even more when using the SuperTak Centurion:

-Dart Loading

When loading darts, make sure that the openings in the rubber tips are facing up and down, to add accuracy and stability during flight.

-Banding the Bolts

It is beneficial to the blaster's performance to add two removable rubber bands as shown to the area the bolts are in when primed. Usually, the bolts will slide about a centimeter backwards, leading to jams and other problems. By adding a rubber band to the sides of the blaster, and temporarily hooking them around each bolt when the bolts are forward, problems such as these can be easily eliminated.


Adding a bubble leveler to the back area of the blaster will allow the user to know if the Centurion is level from side to side. This information in turn will help boost the accuracy of the shot.

-Properly Holding the Blaster

When firing from a standing position, it is recommended that the user place his/her non-firing hand on the bottom of the magazine, instead of on the front of the magazine. If the hand is on the front, it only succeeds in pulling the blaster's barrel down and towards the user, leading to instability and inaccurate shots. Holding below the mag, however, stabilizes the blaster and reduces strain on both arms, thus increasing comfort and accuracy.

Step 15: Other Accessories

You can make other accessories for your Supertak Centurion that will make it even more useful. Some examples are pictured above.

-NKA3700 SnowCloak

Made from a white plastic garbage bag, the SnowCloak allows the Centurion to be used even in cold weather and snowy conditions. Being slightly transparent, it allows the underlying woodlands camouflage to be semi-visible, letting the blaster be hidden in the open and in the woods.


Consisting of Raffia Tape glued to a piece of green cardboard, the fronds attachment can easily be rubber-banded to the front of the blaster, allowing the barrel to stick out from cover and still be hidden.

Step 16: Complete

Congratulations! You have successfully SuperTak modified your Nerf Centurion! All aspects of the blaster's performance should be improved, and the Centurion should be much more useful in the event of a Nerf war.

Have fun testing and battling! We're sure that you will use your MA3700 a lot more after this, so what are you waiting for? Go out there and feel the improvement!

-Nerfrocketeer (NK)