Introduction: Nerf Mega Mortar

Have you ever wanted to make a simple, cheap, and portable launcher that can launch a -Nerf Mega bullet pretty far for less than $20? If your answer was yes this is the instructable for you. I got the idea to make this from my Brother who was shooting -Nerf guns into the air to hit the target from above, it did not work well for him so I thought that I could make something that works better, that's how I came up with the idea for this thing, I have made many different versions, this however was the best so far, this launcher can easily shoot 200 feet.

Step 1: Materials

-1" tee

-Two 1" caps

-Two 1" male threaded adapter

-About 3' of 1" PVC pipe (make sure you use schedule 40 or above)

-1" by 3/4" adapter

-2' of 3/4" PVC pipe (make sure you use schedule 40)

-Teflon tape

-1" threaded ball valve (brass works the best but a plastic valve also works)

-Schrader valve

-Nerf Mega bullets

Step 2: Measure and Cut to Size

Cut the pieces to size.

-Cut a 4" piece of 1" pipe

-Cut off another 6" of the 1"

-Cut off 12" piece of 1" pipe

-Cut your 3/4" pipe to 15"

Step 3: Dry Fit #1

Get the 1" Tee and put the 6" piece in the bottom

Step 4: Dry Fit #2

Insert the 12" piece into the top of the tee

Step 5: Dry Fit #3

Place a cap on the bottom, then a threaded male adapter on the top.

Step 6: Dry Fit #4

Insert the cap onto the 4 inch piece then insert it into the remaining spot on the tee.

Step 7: Dry Fit #5

Insert the 1" by 3/4 adapter into the threaded male, then insert the 3/4 inch pipe into the adapter.

Step 8: Dry Fit #6

Insert the 1" by 3/4 adapter into the threaded male, then insert the 3/4 inch pipe into the adapter.

Step 9: Installing the Schrader Valve

Take off the cap and drill a snug hole(test the drill but to see if it is the correct size before you drill your cap) and apply some pressure to put the schrader valve into the hole, it should stick out about a quarter of an inch on the inside of the hole, then get some super glue and pore some in the bottom making sure none gets inside the stem or around where the pipe will go then let it sit at the bottom until it is dry.

Step 10: Glueing It Togeather

Take off one piece at a time and glue it together. On the threaded parts wrap the threads with the Teflon tape. Then let it dry.

Step 11: Optional, Paint

You can also paint it figure out how you want it then paint it what ever color you want, be creative.

Step 12: Operation

Connect a bike pump or tire inflated to the valve stem and pressurize it to no more than 90psi and drop a bullet down the barrel then set the bottom on the ground aim it in the direction you want to shoot and shoot, it will take some practice to figure out how to hit your target accurately. Make sure no one is around the barrel when it shoots and to never look down the barrel. I hope you enjoyed this instructable, be safe and have fun.

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