Introduction: Nerf Nitefinder Modification ( Airsoft Mod )

DISCLAIMER : I am NOT responsible for any injuries or deaths because of your careless mistakes, and this is not recommended for children under 13.

This is my modification of the Nerf Nitefinder dart gun to transform your dart gun into something more sinister..... A homemade 300 psi. bb gun. This gun will shoot over 200 ft long and might blast a hole in a can, and unlike other nerf modifications, this gun also has great accuracy and having a long barrel will not affect speed or distance.

This mod is great to use for target practice and teaching teens to learn better accuracy, safely.

We will be using all the steps above and demonstrating how to build the modification.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

What you'll need :
• The Nerf Nitefinder.
• At least 1 dart, unless you are planning to replicate the project. And buzz bee darts are better than nerf darts.
• A pen or mechanical pencil
• Duct tape
• BB's, lead pellets, strike anywhere matches, and other small ammunition projectiles.

Step 2: The Beginning of the Project

Begin CAREFULLY separating the suction cap from dart.

Step 3: Disassembly of Pen/Mechanical Pencil

Disassemble the pen/pencil until nothing remains except shell of the pen/pencil remains.

Step 4: Asssemble the Modified Dart

Get the shell of the pen and the dart shell and shove the shell of the pen into the shell of the dart. And at the end of the shell of the dart, it would be recommended by me to line up the pen shell with the dart shell.

Step 5: The Extra Support and the Barrier to Keep Air Flowing Through the Modified Dart Without Leaking Out

Wrap a piece of tape all the way around the midsection of the modified dart and twist slightly just to make sure no air leaks out.

Step 6: Finishing Steps

Get the modified dart and place it in the firing chamber in the nerf gun, press on it with little pressure and place the ammunition/projectiles through the end of the modified dart and the rest is how you fire it.

Step 7: Have Fun, Be Safe/ Maitenence/ Extras

Now that your done, You can now use the gun for the things you'd like to shoot at. Here are a few tips to being a safe shooter and maintenance tips..

• Safety first: Safety goggles, Buy reliable ammo, No shooting at beings, wildlife, and property that is not yours. When you pumped the gun, never look in the dart.

•Maitenence: Take out the dart after each time you fire, tends to do better in performance that way. Replace the dart shell and tape after every 50-100 shots, the pen/pencil shell shouldn't start deteriorating until about 1000 shots.

•Improving gun/ Extras: When firing at ground or at a low level, use a tissue to hold the projectile in the modified dart. Airsoft BB's tend to go the longest distance whereas others have a shorter distance. Strike anywhere matches are basically explosive ammo whereas lead pellets and metal BB's are more lethal, and airsoft BB's are training ammo.

I really hope you will enjoy this modification, more are coming and please leave comments, good or bad, and tell me if something is wrong.