Introduction: Nerf Raider / Rampage Pump Mod

This is a instruct able to make a purely cosmetic mod to your Nerf Rampage/Raider. To achieve this you'll need:

- Some sort of grip like a piece of PVC pipe or a bottle that you hand fits comfortably. I used one half of a old rotary tool housing.

- a hot glue gun

-a dremel/rotary tool* with a cut off wheel.

-a #1x1-1/2" Philips head screwdriver or any other screwdriver that fits.

-a file or a sanding attachment for your dremel/rotary tool

*if you don't own a dremel/rotary tool a hacksaw will work but your cuts won't be as clean.

Step 1: Removing Screws

Remove the screws from the pump/foregrip and take the two halves apart.

Step 2: Cutting the Pump

Unfortunately I did this before thinking of making a instructable. Butt I think it's pretty self explanatory.

Step 3: Attaching the Pump

To attach the pump, slide the cocking mechanism back, but not forward. Now position the pump on the metal part so that it won't hit the gun when pumping. Once your satisfies with how it looks and feels. Mark or make a mental note of where it needs to go now put a good size glob of hot clue on your pump where it'll meet the metal piece. Quickly join the two and make sure the pump isn't crooked. Wait until the glue has cooled/hardened and you're done. Alternatively if you don't want to glue it you can mark a spot on you pump where you'll drill a hole so that it lines up with the hole on the metal piece then once drill once you're satisfied with the position. After you've drilled that, slide a bolt right on through and tighten.