Introduction: Nerf Recon Stock Upgrade

This instructable will show how to upgrade your Nerf Recon stock.

In it's original form it is extremely flimsy. We're going to beef it up.

Items required.

Nerf Recon stock

1/2" Cpvc , brass or steel tubing

Saw / Dremel rotor tool





Step 1: Disassembly

Start by removing all 7 screws and set them aside.

We're going to be working on strengthening the grey struts so set the other molding pieces aside for now & focus on the lock mechanism & strut end.

Step 2: Removing the Struts From the Lock Block

There are two pins keeping the struts connected to the lock mechanism.

Use a hammer & nail or piece of wire to punch them through the block enough that you can pull them the rest of the way out with a pair of pliers.

Do Not Lose them.

Step 3: Isolating the Struts.

Once the pins are removed the struts can be removed from the locking mechanism.

Step 4: Cutting & Test Fitting the First 3 Strut Reinforcements

Ok, now for some trial & error.

Re-position the struts back into the molded pieces.

You can reattach the butt stock & replace the screws holding it together at this point.

Measure & cut pieces of your 1/2" tubing to match each of the 3 struts as shown.

These are pretty simple with flat ends.

Remember to always cut each piece slightly long then sand down the end until you get a proper fit.

You want them to be very tight once placed in position.

Step 5: Cutting the Final Strut Reinforcement

Now the difficult part, if you can call it that.

Cut the last piece of tubing to fit over the last strut.

This strut is butted against a rounded end so it will be necessary to shape one end of your reinforcement to fit accordingly. The Dremel is most helpful here.

This will likely take much trial & error to get it to fit just right.

Step 6: Reassemble & Glue

Now put the back two struts in place.

Add a little super glue to the ends of each.

Replace the center piece compressing the first struts & replace it's screws.

Allow this section to dry

Add the last two struts, also with super clue on the ends.

Shove the locking block back into place then replace the pins you removed earlier.

Let it dry & you'll have a much sturdier stock.

Step 7: Paint

Paint to match your blaster.

The first pic is done using 1/2 inch steel tubing.

The second is 1/2" Cpvc & has been painted to match the Stryfe it's being used on.