Introduction: Nerf Rocket Launcher Mod

I will be showing you how to put a rocket launcher for your Nerf gun

Step 1: Parts You Will Need

You will need
: air rocket blast kit (or other close to this kit)
: duck tape (you should use duck tape, but I ran out of it so I used scotch tape for now)
: 2 rubber bands (to mount the pump temporarily, till you put tape)

Step 2: Get Your Nerf Barrel Attachment and Remove the Grip If You Have One

Get Your Nerf Barrel Attachment And Remove The Grip If You Have One so you can mount the pump on the barrel

Step 3: Get Your Kit and Spread the Parts (if You Have a Different Kit)

This step is only for people who have a different kit

Step 4: If You Have the Same Kit Get These Parts Out

If You Have The Same Kit Get These Parts Out for the next step

Step 5: Get Your Parts and Assemble the Launcher Parts Like This

Get Your Parts And Assemble The Launcher Parts Like This so that they will fit to the barrel

Step 6: Mount the Pump to the Barrel and Use the Rubber Bands to Hold It in Place Temporarily

Step 7: Then Tape It in Place

Then Tape It In Place and if your using duck tape you can remove the rubber bands

Step 8: Mount Your Missile Launch Post and Tape It to Your Barrel and Attach the Small Pipe to the Pump

Step 9: Then Put the Barrel Back on Your Nerf Gun and Your Done!!!!! and Ready to Test

These are the ranges I got with the rocket launcher
20ft,18ft,23ft,19ft these are the ranges I got out of 4 tests from the same spot I was standing at