Introduction: Nerf Sledgefire Lever-action Mod

Welcome to my "lever -action " mod instruction
for the Nerf Sledge Fire.

This tutorial includes:
- Conversion to lever action
- Construction of an In- Line Clip

For understanding

The Blaster in this tutorial is not made for children.
It is made for Larp. (life action role play)

Step 1:

Needed tools and materials.

- Dremel tool
- Hot glue gun
- Craft knife (cutter)

- angle Grinder
- Welder


- Nerf Sledge Fire
- Sledge Fire shell
- 16mm cable duct with connector
- 16mm PVC pipe
- 20mm cable duct
- 2mm sheet steel

Step 2: Reconstruction on Blaster Housing

On Blaster housing itself is not much needs to be changed.
It must only be cut a little hole

You have to make sure that will not damage the screw
(This serves later as a bearing for the cocking lever . )
The cut should be about 10mm wide and centered over
the entire length of the section.

Step 3: The Mechanic

A hole must be cut into the inner mechanics just like the blaster housing.
The front edge of the housing is the reference point for the inner hole. (red mark)

Step 4:

Based on this reference mark, cut the hole in the centre of the mechanic.
(observes the housing halves are not equal)

Step 5:

Now we must made even more space for the lever.

locate the holder for the reversing lever (blue arrow) and take it as a mark.

cut the plastic as shown in the blue box.
The bracket for the mechanic (green arrow) must also be tuned to this height.
(This step must be done on both housing halves)

the parts that were previously installed in this area are now unnecessary.

Step 6: The Cocking Handle

My lever consists of a 10mm wide and 2mm thick strip steel plate which I cut to size with an angle grinder .
As bearing serve me 2 drilled M5 nuts that I have welded on the Iron stripe.

The part of the lever in the Blaster is the most important.
everything that looks out of the Blaster can be designed by your own taste.

- The inner part of the lever must run in a gentle arc to the release lever.
(from anchorage about 60 mm)

- The inner piece of the lever must be tapered to fit probably good in the mechanic

The lever can probably also made of plastic , but then the material must be significantly thicker.
( In my case has plastic does not work)

Step 7: The In-Line Clip

The shell must be cut with the dremel that the cable duct fits into it.
(do not damage the sealing surface)

- If it is prepared glue the 20mm cable duct in the shell.
- wrap tape around the 16mm cable duct and push it in the prepared shell as clip.
(or glue it in)
- push a piece of pvc in the cable duct

Step 8:

To use the final in-line clip now in the Sledgefire some adjustments have to be done now.

The ejection mechanism for the shells must be removed and the corners needed to be trimmed
where the shell rests in the gun barrel.
(that the clip can fit thru it)

Of course you can find a different (or better) manual for the clip from the internet but my shows
how the finished clip fits into the Sledgefire.

Step 9: The Finished and Painted Slegefire

Here now some pictures of the finished blaster.

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