Introduction: Nerf Spectre=Airsoft!

Now, I know how people like airsoft but dont want to pay. This short instructable will teach you to turn a spectre nerf gun into an airsoft gun. It wont shoot as far as a regular airsoft gun, but you can play airsoft with it. Like any airsoft gun, DO NOT SHOOT AT EYES!

Step 1: Materials

You need:
Nerf spectre
Nerf darts
Airsoft BBs
Pen body

Step 2: Step 1

Take tip out of nerf dart.

Step 3: Step 2

Use pen body to stretch dart.

Step 4: Step 2 Part B

This is what it should look like

Step 5: Step 3

Put pen/dart into spectre by the muzzle and make sure it is loaded like a regular dart.

Step 6: Step 4

Load BBs down pen.

Step 7: Step 5

Hold the chamber while you prime the blaster because the pen should be sticking out of the chamber and wont allow it to cycle fully.

Step 8: Have Fun

Have fun.