Introduction: Nerf Strikefire Power Mod

Ahh the classic Nerf blaster, the 2006 Nerf strikefire. Today i will show you how to remove the strikefire's air restrictor and show you how to get a better seal between your piston and cylinder. 

Step 1: Dissasembling the Strikefire

First you want to remove the slide screws and remove the slide.

Step 2: Disassembling the Strikefire (Continued)

Now you want to remove all the other frame screws after you have removed the slide, Now you just take one side off the blaster.

Step 3: Disasembling the Strikefire (Continued)

Now you want to remove the piston from the plunger and remove the o-ring.

Step 4: Removing the AR

Now you want to take a pipe cutter and cut on the line by the end of the plunger. In here you will find the AR.

Step 5: Removing the AR (Continued)

Now, you want to remove the air restrictor, you pull out the small spring and the loose plastic bit.

Step 6: Removing the AR (Continued)

Now at this step you need to drill out the center to allow higher air flow.

Step 7: Closing Up the Plunger Tube

Now you can  take a file and file down the sharp edges where the cut was made.

Step 8: Closing Up the Plunger Tube (Continued)

Now you want to take super glue and seal the two pieces back together and let it dry.

Step 9: Sealing the Barrel Air Leak

Now at this step you want to seal up the hole on the side of the barrel with super glue.

Step 10: Stengthening the O-Ring Seal

Now you want to Take thread Seal Tape and wrap it around the plunger where the o-ring goes. After this, you put to o-ring back on. The tape pushes out the o-ring for a better seal.

Step 11: Lubricating the Plunger and Piston

Now you want to take Silicone grease or vasoline and rub it in the plunger and on the Piston.

Step 12: Re-assembling the Strikefire

Now you just put all the pieces back in place and screw it all back together. you can also make a distinct marking to remember its the Modded blaster.

You Can also increase power by using 2 o-rings,A stonger spring or one bigger o ring.
 * You can also use a tight brass barrel.