Introduction: Nerf Strongarm Scrap Stock and Attachment System

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Hello everyone!

This instructable will show you my scrap strongarm mods and how to make them yourself.
I added a stock and a K'nex attachment system to the blaster
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Step 1: Materials

A list of materials:

  • plastic pipe c.a. 5.5cm
  • pvc pipe c.a. 3cm
  • duct tape
  • knex(see parts in step for the attachments)
  • double sided tape
  • blue isolation tape(a lot of it)
  • white isolation tape(about a meter)

Step 2: Stock Attaching

In this step we will be using the pipes to form a stock.
Use a pair fo scissors to shape a hole in the side of the pipe to fit over the strongarm handle. Then duct tape it stuck to the strongarm and make it sturdy. (this will be most of the support)

Also make a small pipe of pvc to the other side to form a comfortable support.

Step 3: K'nex

In this step I will make the attachment system, it is made from K'nex and can be easily modified with for example different sights.

what you will need:

  • 5X 2 side connectors(the orange ones, one of them is black)
  • 2X 5 side connectors(the grey ones)
  • 2X blue rods
  • 1X mid-long rod(the silver one, most of the times people have red ones)
  • 1X 1 side connector with hole

Tape the assembly to the gun with double sided tape and add some extra duct tape. Then cover it with isolation tape to hide the duct tape.

Step 4: Colours and Done!

Wrap the stock in tape and add some white lines with white tape and you're done!

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