Introduction: Nerf Throwing Knife

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This Nerf throwing knife is AWSOME. It is made real easy and all you need is the following:
2 Nerf Bullets
1 Red Tinkertoy mini connecter
See the picture below.

Want to see how this turns out? Visit Nox Informer and click on the Turnout tab or see video at the end of this Instructable.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Step 1: Connect

Push the Tinkertoy inside the bullet and do the same to the other bullet. There you go. Fast. Realitivley free. Easy.

Step 2: A Few Tips

Okay, lets face it. This is awsome! To throw better, just hold it like a throwing knife in COD and throw. You'll get it.

Step 3: Turnout

Visit Nox Informer to see more footage.