Nerf Torch + How to Build

Introduction: Nerf Torch + How to Build

This is a Nerf tactical rail torch I made. It makes night wars SO much easier, and gives you something to put on those pesky side rails.

Step 1: 'Ingredients?'

First, unscrew the grip, and keep the small orange section that attached to the rail.

Step 2: Glue

Put hot glue all the way across the non attaching side of the orange piece, and if needed, scrunch up some foil to make the area level. Then attach the torch, and add some duct tape for stability. (I did use duct tape after the pics were taken, I was in a rush at the time of taking the pictures.)

Step 3: Done!

Here is the torch on a tri strike missile launcher.

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    4 years ago

    this is cool. instead of hot glue i had random zip ties laying around the house that i used. and i used a retaliator grip instead of a modulus grip. eh the small differences.


    4 years ago

    dank. is there anything else you can use other than the grip for this? or the glue? can electrical tape be used do you think?