Nerf Vigilon Lights

Introduction: Nerf Vigilon Lights

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When my family gets together, we like to have nerf wars. I did this for thanksgiving which is coming up. It shines really bright and is convenient to use.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need:
An LED strip. I got mine from Radioshck. It had a sample on top with a button and a battery.
Nerf Vigilon
Dremel or drill
little red button
spare wires
electrical tape

Step 2: Open Up the Gun

I would like to apologize. I stripped the screws putting it back together so most of my pictures are from the internet. Use a screwdriver to open up the gun. take off the part that you use to cock it before everything else.

Step 3: The Lights

I used the sample from the radioshack LED strip because my knowledge of electronics is very limited. So what I did was snip off the lights from the button and battery. I then attached two wires that were much longer. To help me get them through the gun, i wrapped them together with electrical tape. 

Step 4: Drilling and Arranging

Drill a hole down from the barrel at the side closest to you. Thread your wires through the hole. Send them under the spring that holds the bullets and above the trigger. Glue or epoxy the lights right under the barrel. Use your drill to remove some of the barriers in the handle so your battery has room and so the wires can get through. If you are a lefty then drill a hole that is the size of your button where your thumb rests when holding the gun. If you are a righty then drill the hole on the other half of the gun. Glue or epoxy the button into the hole. Now screw it back together and you have a Nerf Vigilon with lights.

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