Introduction: Nerf Vortex Praxis / Lumitron / Pyragon Upgrade (aka Reclocking)

I really like the Vortex series from Nerf. And I like them even more now that I know that you can make them 'sharper' without swapping springs. It called reclocking and it works by changing the pre-tension of the build in spring, to get these last meters of range or more punch at closer range.

Every Vortex I know can be upgraded this way. I'm documenting the upgrade on a Pyragon (which is nearly identical in construction as a Praxis or Lumitron).

You will need:

- a long, thin phillips screwdriver

- a thin, flat screwdriver

- some pliers

Step 1: Remove Easily Removable Parts

- Take out the magazine

- Remove the screws from the grip (note that the two screw on the slider are slightly longer)

- remove the stock adapter over the handle

Step 2: Open the Body and Break Stuff

Loosen all visible screws from the body. Don't remove them, just let them loose inside the holes. I counted 11 on mine.

I think this is Pyragon specific: The nozzle cap is glued on the body and blocks the removal of the top. I just broke it of over the top.

Step 3: Open the Heart

Locate the spring in the bottom left part of the gun.

You have to remove two screws:

- the one on the top of the spring box

- the top one in front of the spring box

Step 4: Bend Some Plastic

You need to remove the top plate of the spring box to get the the spring

- insert a flat screwdriver in the gap of the small plate and bend open

- lift the back of the top plate and slide it out to the left

Step 5: Remove the Arm

Carefully pull the holding pin out of the arm with your pliers.

Remove the buffer in front of the arm and pull the arm out of the top slot.

Step 6: Now the Magic Happens...

You have reached your goal!

You can see clearly that the nerf engineers meant for this to happen. There are three tension positions for the spring. On my german model, it was set to the 'lowest' setting. I changed it, of cause, to the 'highest'. =)

Just remove the screw, shift the spring arm and put the screw in again.

Step 7: Put the Arm in Again

Now everything is reverse.

- Put the arm over the spring and push into the slot.

- Push the base of the arm inside the spring, than poke the rod though.

Step 8: Close the Spring Box Again

Same as before, bend open the small plate and insert the top of the box.

Thats a bit fiddly, don't get frustrated.

Push everything into place and put in the screws again.

Step 9: Close Down the Body

Close down the body again.

You have to watch out for the small nose on the tactical rail (needs to be in) and the magazine release (needs to be up)

Don't forget to add the stock adapter and grip.

Step 10: Shoot at Your Friends and Colleges

Give'm hell! =D