Introduction: Nerf Gun Target and Dart Storage

The holiday season has just ended and some of you may have gotten a Nerf gun as a present, or perhaps you already had one. Regardless, your family and household pets are probably getting pretty annoyed by it at this point, and perhaps you are OCD like me and have to keep track of all of your darts at all times. Well I now have the solution to all your problems. Its a target made out of household items that closes up and stores all of your darts.

Step 1: Materials

All you need to build this is a few household items.

1) A cigar box (or any hinged box about the same size you can find)
2) Fabric (I used some old felt I found around the house)
3) Scissors (or anything else sharp that will cut the fabric)
4) A hot glue gun (just something to attach the fabric to the box)
5) A pencil (or a skewer or a twig)
6) A Nerf gun to shoot at it

Step 2: Cut the Fabric

First you should put the fabric up to the lid and cut it to the width of the inside.
Then cut the fabric about 4 or 5 inches down and thats it.

Step 3: Glue the Fabric

This step is pretty self explanatory. Just hot glue the fabric to the inside lip of the box so it hangs down.

Step 4: Break the Pencil

Now you need to break the pencil so that it props up the lid to a good height. Try test shooting the target with different sized pencils in place to see if the dart bounces out. Once you find the right size just put it in there and you are done.

Step 5: Done

Enjoy! Your family will no longer hate you and you can keep track of all of those Nerf darts. Unload a clip or two into it in challenging positions all over the house. When you are done, just take out the pencil and snap the lid closed and you won't need to worry about where your darts went.