Introduction: Nerf Hunting Dummy / Target

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This is my nerf hunting target.

it is usefull for making alot of them so you can make a shooting range.

Don't mind the bad photo's, I'm not a good photographer.

Step 1: The Parts


you need 14 red rods

6 yellow rods

3 white connectors

and 1 orange connector (2-fitting thingy)

4 of the yellow connectors

2 of the grey connectors (1-clip and a hole)

4 of the red connectors

6 grey rods (the longest, can also be orange)

4 combined connectors( the slide-in thingy)

Step 2: The Base

just make this first.

Step 3: Build the Top

do this to the side with 2 red rods and a white connector.

repeat on other side.

Step 4: Next Thing

Don't really have a name for this.

just place a grey rod+red connector on top on the thing you just placed.

repeat on the other side.

Step 5: Almost Done

Make this whit 2 red rods and a orange connector+ 2 of the grey connectors.

place the grey connectors with the circle side on the red rod.

Step 6: Base Finishing

Place the red rod thing on the top of the base.

you're now done with the base.

Step 7: The Target Holder

you're now going to make the target holder.

(A4 size)

make it like this.

Step 8: Connecting the Pieces

Just clip the holder on the grey connectors.

It's now hanging on the top so if you hit it it will swing.

Step 9: Finishing Touches

add a piece of paper with something of a duck on it.

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