Introduction: Nes Gamepad USB

Hi , this my second instructables .

Because i want to play with a Nes Emulator , but a classic gamepad wasn't cool ,so i made this nes gamepad was work on a classic usb port.

I use the same tools that i use in my first instructables (,a good condition nes gamepad and a cheaper usb gamepad (like the picture).

and before to start , i use acetone to clean the contact of the nes gamepad....

Step 1:

I open the usb gamepad , and i cut the corners of the circuit board ,

because the two circuits board don't fit in the nes gamepad ,

i desolder the capacitor to put it in the corner of the nes gamepad.

Step 2:

I desolder all the components of the circuit board of the nes gamepad ,

and i follow all the connection between the contacts and the hole of the microchip original of the nes gamepad.

and , now i connect wire by wire the connections of the nes pad with the connection of the usb gamepad

(In fact , no matter what connections you made , because on the nes emulator, you can configure as like you want ! but in my case , i tried do make sense , ie the up on the nes with the up of the usb gamepad .....)

Step 3:

and now , i put the two circuit board in the nes gamepas , i use my hot glue gun to fix the condo , i close the nes gamepad.

and i have a Nes gamepad USB !!!

For the bottom , i use à fake screw to blink the hole was missing ....

Thanks for your attention !!

Have fun !