Introduction: Nes Controller With 8gb Memory / Leds Lighting Up the Logo

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All hail The Nes, nothing can be done to make it better. So I thought, this is so cool! I've only gotten smiles whoever has seen it. People have put leds in like this before, and usb memorys, but not like this and not with a regular original controller.

To do this you need:
- Nes controller
- Small phillips screwdriver
- Hunting/fishing knife, kind of
- Led's and resistors of you choise (colours/strenth)
- Glue (I used liquisol)
- Solder iron and
- Usb cable x2
- Mini usb hub

Step 1: First of All

Open it up, and cut it up.

Unscrew all the screws from the back (six of them) and gently peel of the black film on the front. I used a knife to wiggle it bit by bit under it.
Not tkae the knife and make a hole just like in the picture. Make one in the centre a first, then move your way out on the sides. Hold the front up, with the film, agains a light and you'll see how much more you need to carve out. Be careful with this step! If you do it wrong there is no going back.

PLEASE NOTE, that depending of what usb hub/cables, memory etc you use you will be needing to cut out more plastic in the controller.

Step 2: Add Leds to a Usb Cable

- Strip the usb cable and cut all the wires exept for the black and red one.
- The red one is 5v power, just like the nes pcb has. Add the long leg of the led here, and then solder the rest up like in the painted picture. The resistance will go to the black wire in the end.
- Glue it down to the inside of the front at the edge oh the hole where the nintendo text will be.

Step 3: The Usb Hub

Just insert the usb cable in the usb hub on one side, and the memory of your choise on the other side. The cable going from the hub and out of the controller I forgot to take a photo of, but you just peel of the "rubber head" of it so that it doesn't take up so much space in there.

Step 4: It's Done!

This bad boy is now ready to step in!
Peace out