Netbook / Tablet Cooling Stand

Introduction: Netbook / Tablet Cooling Stand

 This is a cooling stand I made for my tablet with a cd / dvd drive

Step 1: Materials

 1) Notetote* 1" or bigger binder (other binders might work)
 2) CPU Fan
 3) 2 usb extension cables
 4) duct tape (or any other really sticky tape)
 5) External laptop CD/DVD Drive 
 6) Time

Step 2: Prepare the Binder

1) Take out the binder rings 
2) cut a hole for the DVD drive to stick out of
3) Cut a hole for the CPU fan

Step 3: Cpu Fan

1) cut open one of the usb extensions
2) attach the red wire of the usb to the red wire of the cpu fan
3) attach the black wire of the usb to the black wire of the cpu fan
4) tape to secure
5) Place the cpu fan so that it blows the air upwards
6) secure with lots of tape (lots)
7) test to see if it works
8) secure wires so that they don't move around

Step 4: Secure DVD Drive

1) place dvd drive in preffered position
2) tape to secure
3) put back stopper
4) put in wire
5) secure wire
6) test to see if it works

Step 5: Add Supports

1) support number 1 to keep binder from collapsing and to provide cpu fan with enough room to breathe
2) secure support number 1 with duct tape (double sided make a loop of tape with the sticky side facing outwards)
3) support number 2 raises the laptop on the top of the notetote* alllowing air from the fan to excape
4) secure support number 2
5) place laptop to see if it holds

Step 6: Other Ideas

1) a usb out puts 5v DC and the average cpu fan uses 12v DC so if you stripped the wires of a 12v AC adapter and put a usb port on it the fan's cooling capabilities would increase

Step 7: Finished Product

 My laptop is a 12.1" tablet and it fits the binder perfectly so it could support any laptop/netbook from 7" to 13" and you could even put a portable dvd player on it as well.

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