Netflix Mood Profiles

Introduction: Netflix Mood Profiles

This instructable guides a Netflix user through the steps to tailor the Netflix algorithm to provide recommendations based on your mood.

Step 1: Create Profiles

Login to Netflix and create 5 new profiles. Pick one mood per profile (ex. happy, sad, hungry, etc.).

Step 2: Choose Preliminary Interests by Mood

The first time that you log into one of your mood profiles, you will be prompted to choose 3 titles that you like. You can either choose none if you are uncertain how they correspond to that mood, or you can get started by picking applicable preliminary interests.

Step 3: Continue Using Netflix

Each time you log into Netflix, be sure to choose the mood you are in before using the app as usual. If your mood changes in the duration of your viewing period, log out of the profile you are in and re-enter through your new mood.

The more you use Netflix, the better your recommendations will get. You should be given recommendations tailored to each mood. The above is an idea of how the profile and process for the "hungry" mood would look like.

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    5 years ago

    Pretty clever idea, thanks!