Introduction: Netgear Dgnd3300 Modem/router Cooling Fans Mod (does Not Void Manufacturer Warranty)

Hey guys, I live in Brisbane, Australia and it gets pretty hot (summer and winter time regardless). I am also a pc enthusiast and I like to make sure my pc and peripherals are always running cool. This is a great mod to do if you have a pc tower that is close the modem/router to use the extra molex cables for the psu (or if you have a spare power supply to power the fans).

What you need is

1x  3 pin to molex cable

1x  Y-splitter cable fans (the two fans from my old psu but you can also just have 1 fan connected to just the 3 pin to molex cable)

1x running Pc case tower or spare psu lying around

any size spare fan grills (depending on how big your fans are) to cover the fan blade from hitting anything.

1x phillips head screwdriver

spare fan screws (mounting the grills to the fan)

1x styrofoam box (i got mine from a discarded toilet handles box) make sure the box has a wide enough gap for your modem/router and cooling fans to sit beside it to blow cool air onto it.

Step 1:

Connect the fans to the the 3pin to molex adapter.

Make sure the connection is secure and wont come loose.

What you can do is to secure it with some electrical tape to make sure nothing else comes in contact with the fan pins connected to the molex adapter.

I didnt have to worry about mine because it clipped in and is quite secure.

Next is to secure the fan grills onto the cooling fans.

You will need the fan grills, fan screws (that usually come with the pc fans) and attach them on with the phillips screwdriver.

Step 2:

Make sure that the gap on the styrofoam box is a perfect fit for the cooling fans and modem/router.

If it is loose, try and use spare materials you have around the house to secure the parts onto the styrofoam box (rubber/eraser, paper, bluetack etc).

It is important that the parts are secured as I have had problems in the past where the modem/router fell off the styrofoam box and damaged the exterior as well as the fans rattling because there was a gap in the styrofoam cutout.

Step 3:

Once you have followed all the steps, make sure all the connections are secured and safe to run (always good to double check).
Turn on your pc and The fans connected to the power supply should start spinning.

Let me know if I need to improve any other things or if can help in any way by leaving me a comment below.

Thank you and always be thoughtful of your pc and networking hardware.

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