Introduction: Drum&bass Reece With [FREE] Plugins Using Any DAW #1

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Here my new video about Neurofunk bass,u don't need expensive soft for make a good music, many great developers share their soft for free!
Here plugin links that i used:

1. TAL-NoiseMaker

2. MWaveshaper from Free pack

3. Studio Devil British Valve Custom

And standard live 9 plugins. Standard plugins have any Daw(Digital audio workstation)you like to use.

Step 1: Step 1

  • Choose 2 Wave on both OSC(Oscillators) and detune them.
  • Choose mono voises and turn on the portamento in auto mode.
  • Next choose any filter with notch filter on them, and cut 885hz frequency, with movement rate.

Step 2: Step 2

  • Next step choose MWaveshaper from Free pack anduse the slider Dry / wet to 100% with turn on DC blocker.
  • Use another one notch filter 1000khz this time, with movement rate.

Step 3: Step 3

  • Choose Studio Devil British Valve Custom with 25% Drive knob on plugin, and 50% on gain knob.
  • Add some Overdrive from your daw with not aggressive settings.
  • Add EQualizer and Chorus with 30-50% Dry/Wet setting.
  • Add Overdrive again with more aggressive settings this time.
  • Add Multiband compressor and compressall ranges.
  • Add EQ again and cut resonance between 150 and 200hz frequency.

Step 4: Step 4

  • Now split frequency on Sub and mid range, and add some chorus.
  • Next put Bandpass filter after first Overdrive.

Step 5: Step 5

  • Next write some midi pattern and draw automation for bandpass filter frequency.
  • Now copy channel, add high-pass filter on second channel and cut to 350-400hz and compress signal.
  • Add frequency shifter or chorus and phaser. Add ping pong delay effect.

Now mix both channel and have a fun :)

Step 6:

Step 7: