Introduction: Never Ending Origami Flexagon

In this project, I am going to show you how to make an origami Flexagon.

It is very easy to make and fun. It keeps folding and rotating forever.

The Flexagon is like a Fidget Spinner.


A4 Paper (or) a square paper




Step 1: Materials

To make this you need a square paper.

If you have an A4 paper I have shown how to get a square paper from step 1 to step 4.

Step 2: Steps

To get a square sheet:

(Skip this step if you have a square paper)

Step 1:Fold the paper from the top like a Triangle.

Step 2:Fold from the bottom like a Rectangle.

Step 3:Cut the bottom part under the line with scissors.

Step 4:Your Square sheet is ready.

Step 3: Steps to Make the Flexagon

(Tip: Take reference from the images and steps while folding)

Step 1:Fold the square in half.

Step 2:Now cut it in half.

Step 3:Take the half, and fold one side inside, to the middle.

Step 4:Fold the other side in the same way.

Step 5:Fold the edges to the inside 7 times.

Step 6:Draw lines with a pencil according to the image.

Step 7:Fold on all lines.

Step 8:Now attach to edges by sliding them inside each other.

Step 9:Make sure it is tight.

Step 10:Now fold the 3 curves inside on the top and bottom.

Step 11:Now fold the 3 edges inside.

Step 12:Now press the three edges.

Step 13:The inside should look like the same as the image. Then fold the top three edges inside.

Step 14:And then your Flexagon should look like the last two images.

Step 4: And That Is It, Your Paper Origami Never Ending Flexagon Is Ready to Play With!

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