Never Lose Your Gas Cap (Again)




Introduction: Never Lose Your Gas Cap (Again)

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Have you ever left the filling station and realized you left your gas cap on the top of your vehicle or the top of the pump at the filling station? Its not hard to do if you are in a hurry or there is foul weather. Its harder to do if your gas cap is attached to your vehicle but sometimes the plastic or cord that attaches it can break. If your gas cap has broken off or you would like to keep from losing yours, please read on!

Step 1: Materials

For this project you will need:

Fuel Cap
   I lost mine because it wasn't attached so I bought mine at Walmart. You can use your original if you have it or get a new one at AutoZone, or any auto parts store.
   Rope, a small chain, or some sort of cable can be substituted)
    For melting the paracord ends.
Drill bits
   I used a 1/4" bit.
   Not too much, just a little while.
Something needing a fuel cap (re)attached to it
My 1985 Chevy Caprice Estate was the vehicle in need.

Step 2: Making the Hole

The fuel cap I selected has a plastic top and this is where I chose to drill my hole.

Make sure to hold the cap with something such as a vise or clamp so that it doesn't try to run away from you while drilling and you accidentally put a hole somewhere other than where it is intended.

Step 3: Attach Paracord Between the Cap & Vehicle

After I drilled the hole I ran a piece of paracord through the hole and tied a nice little knot. Pull it tight and then you can melt the end of the cord. For the next part you need to look for a place to attach the other end of the paracord too. I had an option to tie it to the hole on the fuel door or to the bracket attached to the fill tube. I chose to attach to the fill tube bracket. Tie another knot and cut any extra cord if you have any. IF YOU DECIDE YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO MELT THE END OF YOUR PARACORD, SCREW IN THE GAS CAP SO YOU DON'T IGNITE THE FUEL VAPORS. I am not responsible for you blowing up your vehicle.

Step 4: All Done!

Finished. Woohoo! Take a step back and enjoy your finished product. I dare you to dare your gas cap to run away now.

Depending on the type of fuel cap I think that you could adapt this to lawn mowers, generators or things such as leaf blowers and chainsaws. Also you can use a small chain or another type of cord. If you have suggestions or comments please let me know.

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    4 years ago

    Five years on, and this is still a good fix. I drilled a hole and used paracord, just like the author, only difference was my Jeep has a small hole for the factory leash (I assume) and so I used a drywall screw to hold that end of the leash. Took a bit of experimenting to get the knot around the end of the screw on so that it would stay on. I think it is sort of "crushed" by the screw, should be secure.


    9 years ago on Introduction

    Sadly less than a week after this Instructables I had an electrical fire under the hood. More instructables to come during the process of repairing the car.