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About: Hi everyone, My name is Ferdinand Hoogeweegen and i am a furniture & interior designer/maker based in the Netherlands. If you are interested in more of my work come check out my "HIM DESIGN" …

The Never-ending desk is my most cherished design, it defines who i am.

It is made from African zebrano hardwood and veneer, European Maple hardwood, the framework is made from Beechwood, MDF and what we call here in the Netherlands "Buigplex" I'm not to sure what the proper English technical name is but ruffly translated "Bend plywood"



Ps: For those of you hoe wanted to know how i made the "bendy" Parts, i have added a cad drawing picture which slightly shows you how i did it. (I am very sorry but i am not going to fully explain the full build processes because i am busy with bringing this design on to the market for sale. I hope you all can respect this :-D ) 

Pss: the minimal radius is +/- 120mm (but very hard to accomplish if you have no experience with this technique! )

For those who are interested in my work you can see more of it here:
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