Introduction: (New) Aalto Vase

Savoy Vase, also called Aalto Vase, is an iconic piece of Finnish design. The Vase was designed by the Finnish architect and designer Alvar Alto and his wife Aino Aalto in the 1930s.

Because of its shape, this vase is hard to stack or nest. I am always wondering how to stack or nest this vase. I might fail in the following experiments, but never hurt to try.

Step 1: Rail Revolution

First I use the profile picture to trace the 2D shape in Rhino.

Based on Jennifer's Transformscalenest gh file, I use Rail Revolution component to create this geometry. The Rail is the profile curve based on Aalto's vase. The shape of the geometry looks fine. However, when I raise the stacking number, the center, as expected, is offed.

Step 2: Sweep

I used Sweep for the second experiment. Base Rail is from experiment 1's profile curve. Rail 2 is the offset from Rail 1.

In this experiment, it looks like the stacking works. However, the base geometry and vertical geometry are unable to union together. From the render, it is clear to see they are offset.