Introduction: New and Improved Catastrophia

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Catastrophia is one of my many characters. He is the villain in the animated movie I'm currently making. When I first started drawing him, it was a while ago, so my drawing skills were rather -um- mediocre. So here is my modern drawing of Catastrophia!

Step 1: Original

Ugh. Here are my drawing skills from a half a year ago.

Step 2: Body Frame

Draw the circles and lines to build the basic frame of Catatstrophia.

Step 3: Face

Copy the pictures to draw the face.

Step 4: Body

Draw the body.

Step 5: Wings

The trickiest part are the wings. Draw them carefully.

Step 6: Outlining

Outline your wonderful drawing in a sharpie or pen!

Step 7: Coloring and Done

Color your...

-Body brown
-Horns yellow
-Skin between the wings blue
-Snake tail green

Hang your drawing on the wall!

Post a picture if you drew Catastrophia!

Leave suggestions, questions, or your finished creation!

Have a great day :D

~Sky Productions