Introduction: New Galaxy Tab 8.9 Sugru Case

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This is a second time I've decided to make a new case for my Samsung Galaxy Tab.  I did another instructable on this here.  This was the only project that did not turn out even close to how I was envisioning it.  Seems I have much to learn when getting a little fancy.

Step 1: First, the Base

For this new case/cover I wanted to try a plastic one.  The best I was able to find was a document holder.  I couldn't find something that was easy enough to modify that had a harder plastic cover.  I figured it would do any ways.

Step 2: Cutting

Of course an A4 Document holder is significantly bigger than my 8.9" Galaxy cutting down to size I did.

I also cut out where the power connector and speakers were located.  Then made holes in 4 corners to make the new Sugru mounts.

Step 3: The Mounts

I did take some pics with my phone but for some reason they aren't on it.  So you just get a pic of the final product.

I couldn't find plastic wrap here (South Korea just doesn't seem to sell the stuff in the rather large 'dollar' store I went to.  Very strange) so I just use some sandwich bags and take up the unit.  I used soap on the corners and formed the Sugru mounts to it.  Then took my Tab out and bent the tabs back into their rough place.

I was pretty disappointed that the mounts turned out so weak and not even close to being tight-fitting enough to make it useful.  I know now that I did need to use more Sugru to build bigger/more solid mounts but I think there may be a bit more to this step than I know how to do.  Luckily I can just re-do this or even just add more Sugru over the existing ones, which is probably a good idea because at least there is a base to work from now.

I also think that I'll have to leave the Tab in place overnight for the Sugru to properly form to the unit and cure in place.  I'll update this after on that point.  This was still an awesome learning experience.

Thank you Instructables and Sugru for this opportunity!