Introduction: New Job for a Portable Grill

Hello All this is my first Instructable. I replaced the side burner (I kept it for future use) on my propane grill today with a portable grill. The portable grill can still be removed and used for tailgating or whatever we need.


Portable Grill

Concrete Backer Board (used for tiling) - indoor/outdoor

High Heat Spray Paint

1 Pound Propaine Cannister


Circular Saw with Concrete Blade

Extension Cord

Cordless Drill

4" Diameter Hole Saw

2 Clamps

Step 1: Remove the Old Side Burner

Step 2: Measure the Hole and Cut the Concrete Backer Board to Fit

I made to two pieces to fill the depth better.

Step 3: Mark the Cut Pieces With an "X" to Find the Middle

I Clamped the cut pieces together with a piece of scrap underneath to avoid tear out. Using the center of the "X" drill out the holes with the hole saw. Paint the top piece of cut backer board with the high heat paint. I used the entire can and did clean up between coats of paint as coats dried.

Step 4: Attach the 1 Pound Propane Cannister to the Portable Grill

The legs on this grill fold up and fit underneath.

Step 5: Put the Cannister Through the Hole in the Backer Board

You are all finished and ready to grill.