Introduction: New Life for a USB Stick

I have a cheap 1Gb USB stick. The case always comes off when I try to unplug it.

But this stick is one of the most used in my arsenal. It boots Hiren's Boot CD while all the other sticks are too busy "holding files".

Once upon a time a 1Gb stick would have cost you near $1000, now they are kind of junk / surplus.

Mine deserves fixing.

Sugru to the rescue!

Step 1: Break Out the Sugru

The Dallas Makerspace was kind enough to finance my repair!

I hold in my hand 1 packet of Sugru, molded into a cube of sorts.

I estimate the volume is 1.5 cm cubed.

I am a very big person, so your comments of "no way, that cant be more than 1cm" are countered.

Step 2: Lay It Out Like Pig in a Blanket

I flatten out the Sugru goop, in some rough shape that matches the innards of my beloved USB stick...

Step 3: Wrap and Press

You want to squeeze the Sugru into the crevices of the circuit so it will hold.

And from wrapping a pancake around the stick, there are unsightly seams.

These are remedied by smoothing with your thumb like you would do clay.

Step 4: Smooth...

This is about it.

The creases have been smoothed out, a little shaping at the collar,  and we are ready to let it sit overnight.

Good to go!