Introduction: New Mexican Mild Salsa

The fallowing are instructions on how to make yourself a great mild salsa. I am instructing how to make salsa because it is an easy thing to make but I have seen many people struggle with the flavoring and hotness of it. People who will find these instructions useful would be salsa lovers and those who have a hard time making food in general. Before you start I would like to inform you that you will need to be able to work well with a knife. Also if you are a fan of hot salsa you can easily change this recipe by adding more jalapeños to make it spicier. I will be taking you through a step by step process on how to make a serving size for approximately 12 people.

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need the fallowing to make your salsa:
• 1 Can of crushed tomato
• 4 Jalapeños
• 1 Onion
• Garlic
• Oregano
• Red crushed pepper
• Salt

Step 2: Materials

These are the utensils you will need to make your salsa:
• Sharp knife
• Large container
• Whisk
• Measuring cup
• Measuring spoons
• Cutting board

Step 3: Dicing Onion and Jalapenos

Your first step is cutting up your onion and jalapeños. For this salsa your going to only want half of the onion. Cut it in 1/2 and dice up the other half of it. Once you have your onion cut start cutting up the jalapeños. Remove all the jalapeños stems before you began slicing. You are going to want to cut both the onion and jalapeños into very tiny portions. This is important because if they are cut too big then you run the risk of your consumer choking on the large pieces.

Step 4: Adding Crushed Tomato

This is an easy process. Your simply going to put your crushed tomato into the large container. Once that is done throw in both the onion and jalapeños on top. It is important that the container you use is large, so that you have room for mixing.

Step 5: Adding the Flavor

For this step you need your measuring spoons. Add each one of these ingredients directly to your large container. It does not matter which order you do this step in. First is 3 full tea spoons of crushed red peppers. Then add 3 full tea spoons of garlic. After that add 3 full tea spoons of salt. Lastly you are going to want to add half a tea spoon of oregano. It's important to first put the half a tea spoon of oregano into your hand and crushing it into dust form,before adding to the container. Oregano is a very strong spice and needs to be used carefully.

Step 6: Adding Water

For this step you will need measuring cups. Add 3 full cups of water to the large container.

Step 7: Mixing

For the mixing process you will need a whisk. Simply mix all the ingredients in the container with the whisk in a clockwise motion. You will stir until it is somewhat thick and all your ingredients have dissolved in your salsa. Your salsa is done at this point and ready to eat.

Step 8: Conclusion

You should now know how to make authentic New Mexican salsa. I have explained a step by step process on how to make a great mild snack. Salsa is a great for parties, family get togethers and can be fun to make. If you have any questions about the salsa feel free to email me at Thank you for looking at my salsa instructions and hopefully it's useful to you guys.