Introduction: New Pond Install With Waterfall

Step 1.

Collect Rock from any river basin or nearest stone and soil landscaping/Nursery.

step 2.

plan ahead for the right location away from trees.during the fall you will be cleaning a lot. and in a spot that's a visible focal point.

step 3.

start to rock your foundation. I used concrete and cinder Block because location of pond was in a area that was prone to soil erosion. we wanted to make sure that the pond would not settle or shrink.we built stairs for the water fall we also used carpet padding and a underlayment to cushion the rubber liner from cement.don't forget the sand. start to add microfall and skimmer. 25 ft of 1/12 inch PVC Pipe. and plumb. level the falls. that's very important. now if your adding lights now is the time.

step 5.

Rock ,Rock, Rock. the rocks need to be placed according to the form of the pond remember this. This is a free form pond. Foam will be needed to fill the gaps along the edge of water fall to keep water within the falls. soil will be needed we used 2 yards of lawn and garden soil mix.we still need more. (P.S.) The Majority of the rock used was mossrock,River cobble stone And large Flagstone. the majority of rock was given and/or found out in Nature.

step that your set up add water. start pump and check for leaks. check liner and now tweak and edge your pond. if you don't like the way the edging looks change it around.

step 7.

Relax, Step back and Enjoy.