Introduction: New Product Post: ELF Joystick

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Hello my friends. It’s new product show again. Guess what i am going to show you this week? Have you ever played wireless drones? Wireless drones are very popular these days. With a controller, you can fly your drones to anywhere you want and take some beautiful pictures. It is a good toy for people who prefers to stay at home in this hot summer day. But today, our topic is ELF Joystick. It is similar to traditional game joystick but much better than it.

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Step 1: A Picture of Completed One

First, let’s take a look at a picture of it.

Beautiful, isn’t it? Why it is better than traditional joystick. Before that, let me give an introduction to this gadget.

Step 2: Fuctions

ELF Joystick is a wireless remote controller based on Arduino-UNO board( It is compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and HC11 433MHZ RF module. The communication distance of remote controller depends on Bluetooth module and RF module configured. Our Bluetooth 4.0 adaptor can reach far distance up to 20 meters max; our HC11 433MHZ RF adaptor module 40 meters max. It can be applied to toy cars, toy planes and game machines, etc..

If you think it is very interesting, let me show you more pictures of it.

See that? It can connect with bluetooth, use RF module to control wireless devices. With Bluetooth module, this module can control freaksboard. And with RF module, it can control any wireless devices you want like ELF II - VRDrone Kit For Education(, ELF II - VRDrone : HD Video Streaming Nano Drone(, FreaksCar - Robot Starter Kit Based on Arduino UNO(!prettyPhoto)etc..

Step 3: Layout&Features

Look great, right? This is the main board picture of ELF Joystick. We can see on the board, there are a buzzer, a locator, 2 joysticks, a microchip, a USB port and a power switch etc.. This board integrated so much functions. For example, with USB port, you can easily charge it; with 2 locators, you can adjust the sensitivity of joysticks so as to control the motion speed of wireless device or game.

ELF Joystick has a lot of advantages compared with traditional joystick.These advantages include:

1. Compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 and HC11 433MHZ RF wireless module;

2. Carry a built-in ATMEGA328P main core;

3. Sensitivity of remote controller is adjustable;

4. With USB program burning port, self-programming available;

5. Built-in Li battery charge IC, no need to add external charger.

All these features make ELF Joystick a set of open source DIY kit. And the following picture will show you more structure of the whole joystick and you can assemble this kit according to it as well.

Step 4: How to Get One?

Now, i guess you must feel heart-bit about it and would like to have one soon. If you wan to get one, just click here here and add the one you like into cart. Have you get it? If you would like to know more interesting creation, you can follow up our blogs: . We will timely put forward a new product.

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